We Care

Amandi Energy Limited will develop and Implement a Social Investment Strategy and programme which will:

  • Align with the social impact management plan for the Amandi Energy Power Project and contribute to managing identified social impacts.
  • Bring tangible sustainable benefits to host communities.
  • In cooperation with project stakeholders, agree on the optimum project for the region.
  • Contribute to broader socioeconomic development in Ghana.

Social Investment Strategy

The Amandi Energy Power Project Social Investment Strategy is based on social impacts and other socioeconomic issues identified through the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment report; targeted stakeholder engagement and consultation; Ghana’s medium-term socioeconomic strategy; and, the local social context and economy. The main areas of focus of Amandi Energy’s social investment programme include:

  • Initiatives to encourage young people to stay in full-time and suitable education.
  • Local employment through Construction and on into Operations from the local community and as the broader regions within Ghana.