Aerial Overview

Sampling & Dosing Area

LCO Tank Farm Construction

Construction of Perimeter Fence Wall & Drainage Channel

LCO Pipeline Route Construction

Access Road Construction

Weighbridge Installed

Skids Installation for the Gas Recieving Station

Removal of Temporary Breakwater

Internal Roads for the GIS

Fuel Oil Unloading Station

Finfan Coolers Installation

LCO Metering Station

LCO Tank Farm

Aerial Site View

Untreated LCO Tanks

Domed Untreated LCO Tanks

Air-cooled Condenser

Heat Recovery Steam Generator and Air-Cooled Condenser

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Transformer Bays and GIS Building

Sea Defense Wall

Water Treatment Building

Water Treatment Building

Administration Building

Feedwater Pumphouse

Firefighting Building