The Amandi Energy Project involves the construction of a 200MW combined cycle, dual-fueled power plant in the Western region of Ghana on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, near the town of Aboadze. The plant can be fueled by light crude oil as the primary fuel, and use natural gas when it is available. Diesel is used for start-up and shut-down routines, and can also be used as backup fuel during emergencies when other fuel supplies are interrupted.

Heat from the gas turbine will be captured in a Heat Recovery Steam Generator and will drive a steam turbine to ensure the highest efficiencies are captured. The steam from the turbine exhaust is condensed via an air-cooled condenser. The project also includes sea water supply and treatment infrastructure, bunkering for the light crude oil, and space provision for a future natural gas receiving station.

Projected to be operational in 2019, the Amandi Power Plant will:

  • Deliver reliable electrical power, reduce brownouts and decrease the current generative capacity shortfall.
  • Provide competitively priced additional base load power generation capacity.
  • Support Ghanaian industry and infrastructure by supplying reliable and affordable electricity.
  • Create direct and indirect employment during the construction phase, and once operational.
  • Operate using the latest and most efficient gas turbine technology.